One of These Nights…

Hi There…want a cup of tea? Stay a while, the apothecary is open.

I’ve been brooding about “opening shop” for quite some time now as a way to unleash my urge to write, as well as conquer some fears about letting my voice be heard. As a teacher, its been a bit tricky this past year, learning what I can and can’t do within the constraints of my job. Don’t get me wrong, teaching is great! But that constant strive for perfection, the upholding of so many morals and attributes- its tiring.

So here we are, organizing shelves, dreaming up stories, getting ready to share and dispense knowledge with all. I was influenced by a heavy binge of The Eagles, specifically the song “One of These Nights”. Despite my love for the Big Lebowski, I’ve found over time that a couple of different Eagles songs play into who I am and my state of mind at the time. I’ve been “Desperado”, sitting on the fence. I’ve been a “Witchy Woman”, sometimes replaced with a “B”, sometimes dressed up on Halloween. But today (tonight?), I’ve having “One of These Nights” and here we are.

Enjoy your cup of tea. I’m off to put my first batch of baked goods in the oven.

One of These Nights- The Eagles

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